Yueqing City Laike Photovoltaic Co. Ltd is located in Yueqing, Wenzhou, on East China Sea. The company is between Yandang Mountain, the national five-star tourist attractions, and the famous Nanxi River. The transportation is extremely convenient, less than 50 kilometers away from Wenzhou Airport, close to Ningbo-Wenzhou high-speed railway and Wenzhou-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway.
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PV-LK1J15A Photovoltaic junction box

The cover strongly resists aging and ultraviolet rays;
The cable connection crimping mode;
Convergence with the connection clamping mode;
Assembly of different specifications of the diode, you can change the maximum operating current of the junction box.

Rated Voltage:1000V/DC
Rated Current:12A
Protection Class:CLASS  II
Degree of Protection:IP65
Wire Size Range:4mm

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